Kaspersky’s Advanced Targeted Threat Predictions For 2022

2021 consolidated the changes that started in early 2020 and it is now clear that the world has changed – in cybersecurity in beyond, and we are still yet to finish the process of adapting to new reality. In this webcast, Kaspersky’s Global Research and Analysis Team will highlight the key trends they have witnessed in the threat landscape of 2021 and present their predictions of what we should expect to happen in the world of cybersecurity in 2022.

During the session, Ivan Kwiatkowski, David Emm and Costin Raiu will take apart the key trends to keep an eye on and explain what they mean for the security industry and international cyberspace.

They will delve into the anticipated major trends of threat actors’ tactics, overall technical developments and other game-changers that will affect the global threat landscape.

This webcast will be of interest to cybersecurity specialists, CISO, governments, ICS and beyond.

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