Incident Response service: Numbers, challenges and tactics

Kaspersky’s Incident Response Team faces daily challenges as it handles information security incidents as a third-party service provider, constantly using its experience and expertise to offer complete analysis and quick recovery successfully. To completely eliminate threats, the team covers the entire incident investigation cycle, getting involved in containment, digital forensics investigation and malware analysis, as well as helping to improve security processes after incidents.

In this talk, Digital Forensics and Incident Response Manager of Kaspersky Global Emergency Response Team (GERT), Ayman Shaaban, will share his knowledge of the latest incident trends based on his day-to-day experiences. He will also present statistical analysis of recent incidents aimed at financial organizations, government agencies, industrial bodies and more.
This webinar session will discuss:

  • The GERT team and IR services
  • The most frequent reasons our incident response service was requested
  • Attack vectors
  • How different types of attack effect different types of businesses
  • Attack scenarios and the details of some of the most noteworthy cases
  • What can help in reducing the risk of getting compromised