IIoT cybersecurity threats: how to run complete protection at gateway level

Today Industry 4.0 is transforming from a concept to an everyday reality. Industrial internet of things (IIoT) is a key contributor to this evolution. Despite the clear benefits, its technological complexity and rapid development opens more ways for threat actors to exploit IIoT vulnerabilities. Among the looming threats for IIoT adopters are network attacks, software configuration changes, unauthorized access, cloud storage hacking and many others.
During this webinar, Sekou Roland Sako, Security Researcher at ICS CERT Kaspersky and Andrey Sazonov, Project manager at Aprotech will talk about the most relevant threats, as well as dedicated solutions that help to protect the Internet of Things at its key element – the gateway level. You will learn about:

  • Common weaknesses in IoT and how they can be exploited
  • Vulnerabilities’ case studies: insecure communication protocols and Denial of Service
  • Kaspersky IoT Secure Gateway for creation of end-to-end services – key features (Siemens MindSphere, KasperskyOS, KISG, etc.)
  • Use cases: industrial IoT, video surveillance, integration with ERP systems
  • General recommendations on how to protect IoT infrastructure using cyber immune devices