GReAT Ideas. Powered by Croissant. Baguette edition.

GReAT Ideas is coming back this winter with more cyberthreat research and top-notch expertise, alongside light-hearted talks on the latest developments in the field of cybersecurity, shared in a cozy informal atmosphere. Executed by security researchers from Kaspersky’s Global Research and Analysis Team (GReAT), who specialize in uncovering APTs, cyber-espionage campaigns, major malware and underground cyber-criminal trends across the world, the event is designed to exchange knowledge, support and inspire the community.

We listened to your feedback and have upgraded GReAT Ideas. On December 2, we will kick off with a fireside chat about recent cyber-incidents that shook the world. The special Baguette edition (a name suggested by our speakers) of the event will feature presentations by our Paris-based GReAT team – as, we all need a bit of French charm in our lives.


14:00 What’s on: fireside chat with Warren Mercer from Talos and Brian Bartholomew from Kaspersky
14:30 Mercenaries’ tricks: what did DeathStalker hide between two ferns? by Pierre Delcher
14:45 A primer on reversing Delphi binaries by Ivan Kwiatkowski
15:05 TinyCheck: bug smartphone spyware at network level by Felix Aime
15:25 AMA
16:00 End of program