Email security: Top threats and how to counter them

In today’s digital landscape, phishing and social engineering attacks have become increasingly sophisticated, posing significant threats to organizations worldwide. According to Kaspersky’s 2023 report, spam accounted for an alarming 45.60% of global email traffic. Furthermore, a staggering 77% of companies have fallen victim to cyber incidents in the past two years, with 21% of these incidents attributed to employees succumbing to phishing attacks. Beyond the mere inconvenience of sorting through spam, these attacks can lead to severe consequences. From compromising confidential data to incurring substantial financial and reputational damages, the implications are vast. Additionally, recipients risk losing personal funds to scam messages, underscoring the urgency for robust email security measures. Join us for this enlightening webinar where Kaspersky’s experts, Anna Lazaricheva and Alexander Rumyantsev, will delve into the most prevalent and current email threats observed over the past year.

  • Understand the diverse forms of spam and email threats plaguing organizations today.
  • Explore real-world examples and case studies highlighting the impact of phishing and social engineering attacks.
  • Discover the advanced features of Kaspersky Security for Mail Servers (KS for Mail Server), designed to combat sophisticated email threats effectively.