Dealing with incident response: cyber capacity building for under-resourced organizations in India

Going digital today includes both opportunities for economic growth but also opens up many risks from cyberthreats to all organizations. But how could organizations – with less or no cyber capacities and skills – be able to confidently deal with incidents? What can be done to enhance their cybersecurity awareness for their greater cyber-resilience and of the national economy in India?

Kaspersky, a leading cybersecurity company, invites organizations to join the expert webinar with Ahmad Zaidi Said, Incident Response Specialist at the Global Emergency Response Team (GERT) to discuss the fundamentals in strengthening cybersecurity and incident response for under-resourced organizations.

This webinar was held as part of National Cyber Security Awareness Month 2022 in India.

Dr. Sanjay Bahl, Director-General, CERT-In: Effective Incident Response is needed by all organizations for proactive as well as reactive cyber defense. Especially, organizations with limited man power and infrastructure resources are facing many challenges in cyber security incident response and remediation. As a part of the National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) October 2022 activities, CERT-In and Kaspersky jointly organized a webinar on “Dealing with incident response: Cyber capacity Building for Organizations with limited resources”. Kaspersky experts provided informative and useful technical insights during the session. The learnings of this program will help organizations with limited resources to build their Cyber resilience and skill set in cyber security incident response and remediation.