ChatGPT – good or evil? AI impact on cybersecurity

As the world discusses ChatGPT-3 and its impressive capabilities, the business community is concerned about the AI’s potential to change the game for cyber criminals and wreak havoc in the world of defense organizations. Should businesses soon expect a wave of even more advanced cyber-attacks or simply more attacks? Will current cybersecurity solutions be enough? Or will ChatGPT instead provide cybersecurity specialists with more efficient and smarter defensive and threat hunting tools?

In this webinar, Kaspersky experts will discuss how ChatGPT currently influences the cyber threats landscape and cybersecurity in organizations, and contemplate whether this is a real game changer for the industry and, in particular Security Operation Centers (SOCs). The experts will also discuss the potential benefits of using ChatGPT in threat hunting and malware analysis.

In this webcast you will find out:

  • If ChatGPT can really influence the threat landscape. Where can cyber criminals use it, and will it be effective?
  • Will the emergence of ChatGPT and similar AI language models lead to increased cybersecurity costs?
  • If ChatGPT is capable of becoming an autonomous hacking AI-tool
  • How can cybersecurity experts employ ChatGPT: a demonstration of a scanner for Indicators of Compromise (IoCs)