A process of changing a program code into a form difficult for human understanding, while the program’s functions remain the same. The purposes of obfuscation include preserving confidentiality of the program development as well as defending from cybercriminals who attack their victims using code vulnerabilities. A program that changes a code is called obfuscator.

One-time password

Given enough time and attempts, a static password is much easier to crack than one that is valid for just a short time. A one-time password is used as a supplement to a static password to make identity theft more difficult. The one-time password may be generated on request using a hardware token, or may be a code sent to a mobile device via a text message.

Open source software

Open source software is software that is developed, maintained and distributed freely, based on open collaboration between programmers. As the name suggests, the source code for the operating system or application is published openly. Various Unix-based operating systems have been developed on the open source principle.