Backdoors in D-Link’s backyard

If you want to make the world safer, start with the smart things in your home. Or, to be more specific, start with your router – the core of any home network as well as an interesting research object. And that router you got from your ISP as part of your internet contract is even more interesting when it comes to research. Read Full Article

Microsoft Updates August 2013

Today, Microsoft released a set of eight security Bulletins (MS13-059 through MS13-066) for a broad variety of vulnerable technologies and exploit categories. The critical vulnerabilities are not known to be exploited publicly at the time of Bulletin release. The more interesting Bulletins… Read Full Article

New Twitter XSS-Worm going around

Today we’ve seen a new variant of Net-Worm.JS.Twettir going around on Twitter. Kaspersky products detect it as Net-Worm.JS.Twettir.h. This worm appeared just after an announcement that a firm has hired the author of the original worm. Not wanting to stray too much from the intended topic of this… Read Full Article