A simple example of a complex cyberattack

We’re already used to the fact that complex cyberattacks use 0-day vulnerabilities, bypassing digital signature checks, virtual file systems, non-standard encryption algorithms and other tricks. Sometimes, however, all of this may be done in much simpler ways, as was the case in the malicious campaign that we detected a while ago – we named it ‘Microcin’ after microini, one of the malicious components used in it. Read Full Article

MAX++ sets its sights on x64 platforms

In the last few days experts at Kaspersky Lab have detected new samples of the malicious program MAX++ (aka ZeroAccess). This Trojan first achieved notoriety for using advanced rootkit technology to hide its presence in a system. Back then, MAX++ only worked on x86 platforms; now it is capable of functioning on x64 systems! Read Full Article