VBS (Visual Basic Script)

VBS is a script language developed by Microsoft. Like JavaScript, it is often used in the development of web pages. For specific tasks, it’s often easier to write a script than to use a formal programming language like ‘C’ or ‘C++’. However, as with a formal program, it’s also possible to use VBS to create malicious code. Since a script can be easily embedded in HTML, a cybercriminal can embed a malicious script within a web page, or within an… Read Full Article

Virtual Machine

A program that imitates a computer with an operation system, which allows to test several independent operation systems on one physical device


Today the term virus is often loosely used to refer to any type of malicious program, or is used to describe any bad thing that a program does to a computer. Strictly speaking, however, a virus is defined as program code that replicates. Of course, this simple definition leaves plenty of scope for further sub-division. Sometimes viruses are further classified by the types of object they infect. For example, boot sector viruses, file viruses, macro viruses, etc.


VoIP (Voice over IP, IP telephony) is a technology that lets subscribers to the VoIP service make telephone calls using a computer network that supports IP (Internet Protocol). This means that anyone with a broadband Internet connection can replace their existing telephone connection with VoIP. Some VoIP services only allow telephone calls to people using the same service, others allow calls to any number. Some VoIP services work just through the computer, others require a special VoIP telephone or the… Read Full Article


A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is used to provide staff are working remotely with secure access to the private network of a corporation or other organization, over the Internet. Encryption and other security features are used to maintain privacy and prevent unauthorized access to the private network.


A vulnerability is a bug or security flaw that provides the potential for an attacker to gain unauthorized access to, or use of, a computer. The hacker does this by writing specific exploit code. The use of software vulnerabilities (in an operating system or application) is a common way to install malicious code on a computer. Once a vulnerability has been discovered (either by the developer of the software or someone else) the vendor of the application typically creates a… Read Full Article