Identity theft

Identity theft occurs when a fraudster obtains enough personal information from the victim (name, address, date of birth, etc.) to enable them to commit identity fraud – i.e. the use of stolen credentials to obtain goods or services by deception. The stolen data could be used to create a new account in the victim’s name (e.g. a bank account), to take over an existing account held by the victim (e.g. a social network account) or to masquerade as the victim… Read Full Article

Internet of things

The term Internet of things (often abbreviated to IoT) is used to describe everyday objects that are connected to the Internet and are able to collect and transfer data automatically, without the need for human interaction. The Internet of things encompasses any physical object (not just traditional computers) that can be assigned an IP address and can transfer data: this includes household appliances, electricity (or other) meters, cars, CCTV cameras and even people (e.g. heart implants).