3G (short for 3rd Generation) is the general term for technologies and standards designed to combine high speed mobile access with IP [Internet Protocol]-based services. 3G has improved the performance of wireless services, delivering greater data speeds and greater capacity for accessing multimedia data. The term is used to distinguish emerging wireless technologies from the earlier analogue cellular phone systems (1G) and the digital technologies that succeeded them.

419 Scam

This is a scam in which a victim is persuaded to part with money on the fraudulent promise of obtaining a larger sum in the future. The scam takes the form of a letter, fax, e-mail, or other communication that asks for a (relatively) small ‘investment’ from the victim, needed to unlock funds in another country, on the promise of future riches. Such swindles originated in Nigeria and the name is derived from the relevant article of the Nigerian Criminal… Read Full Article


4G (short for 4th Generation) is the successor to 3G and is seen as the next step towards ubiquitous computing, offering always-on access to Internet-based services — peak data rates of 100Mbps for someone on a highly mobile network and 1Gbps for anyone on a local wireless access connection and a smooth handover across different networks.