Does Android Malware Exist?

I’m often asked about the real danger of Android malware. This is a difficult question as it has many factors to consider, such as your location, your device, how many apps you install, and how reckless you are with the apps that you choose. There are two common factions often at odds with each other. Read Full Article

SMS Trojans: all around the world

In the middle of July I wrote about porn SMS senders which covertly subscribed users to a range of premium-rate services with the promise of raunchy images. Now this problem has evolved to SMS Trojans which target users from a number of European countries and Canada. Yes, these SMS Trojans don’t target either Russian or Chinese smartphone users. Read Full Article

Stealing apps, installing ads

A while back I blogged about “offerwalls” that were collecting leaked user data. But now it seems that not only users are under attack. Recently while browsing Reddit, I found the account of a popular app developer who claims that another developer on the Android Market had stolen his app, added ad spam code to it, and uploaded it under his own account with the same name. After some research I discovered that this was, in fact, the case Read Full Article