The botnet ecosystem

With the appearance of botnets, criminal gangs have gained access to millions of infected computers and the number of cybercrimes committed has risen sharply. Although the majority of Internet users understand that zombie networks pose a serious threat, many do not know how or why botnets are created and maintained. Read Full Article

A black hat loses control

Malware writers today always try to conceal their identities, right? Wrong – even some of today’s profit driven cyber criminals reveal their identities. We are a bit surprised, but here is the story of how a blackhat has revealed his identity and is trying to ‘get compensation’ from Kaspersky for conducting research. Read Full Article

Gpcode – here we go again

Today we have made a disquieting discovery – a new Gpcode has appeared. We immediately began searching for samples on the Internet and talking to victims. We have received some information from victims already. After some digging, we did manage to find a sample that answers the descriptions… Read Full Article