The economics of Botnets

In the past ten years, botnets have evolved from small networks of a dozen PCs controlled from a single C&C (command and control center) into sophisticated distributed systems comprising millions of computers with decentralized control. Why are these enormous zombie networks created? The answer can… Read Full Article


The cost of launching a DDoS attack

Almost anyone can fall victim to a DDoS attack. They are relatively cheap and easy to organize, and can be highly effective if reliable protection is not in place. Based on analysis of the data obtained from open sources, we managed to find out the current cost of a DDoS attack on the black market. We also established what exactly the cybercriminals behind DDoS attacks offer their customers. Read Full Article



The TDSS rootkit first appeared in 2008. Since then, it has become far more widespread than the notorious rootkit Rustock. The rootkit’s malicious payload and the difficulties it presents for analysis are effectively similar to those of the bootkit. Read Full Article


Kaspersky Security Bulletin, January – June 2006: Spam Report

This report analyzes the volume and types of spam detected during the first half of 2006, and the new approaches and techniques used to send spam. Predictions regarding the future evolution of spam in the second half of the year are also included. The report is aimed at IT security professionals and users who are interested in the problem of spam. Read Full Article