Detected Objects

What we detect

threat_ill_11Who creates malware and why?
Have you ever wondered who creates malware? Or why they do it? Find out more about the people behind the threat - the script kiddies, virus writers, and cybercriminals - and what motivates them.

Trojans, viruses, worms, dialers - the programs we detect have lots of different names. Find out how Kaspersky Lab and other antivirus companies classify the many different types of programs which can harm your computer or your data.

threat_ill_13History of Malicious Programs
Do you know the name of the first computer virus? Or perhaps you want to find out when the first email worm was created. This section covers the evolution of malicious programs from their initial appearance to the present day.

threat_ill_12What if my computer is infected?
With the number of threats rising every day, you may find that your computer has been infected. Find out more about the symptoms of infection, and what steps you should take to clean your computer.


A new generation of ransomware

Trojan-Ransom.Win32.Onion a highly dangerous threat and one of the most technologically advanced encryptors out there. Its developers used both proven techniques ‘tested’ on its predecessors and solutions that are completely new for this class of malware. The use of an unorthodox cryptographic scheme makes file decryption impossible, even if traffic is intercepted between the Trojan and the server. Read Full Article


Haunted by APT

Over the past decade, APT have intensely targeted organizations and individuals across India. Its developing base of technology, its geographical location and bounds, its inclusive and riotous political energy, and its growing economic weight makes it a special place of interest for badly intentioned cyber attackers. Read Full Article