Television Fraud of Olympic proportions

Whenever an important event takes place, new
opportunities for cyber criminals, especially for those who develop
attacks based on social engineering, arise. Currently, the
whole world has its eyes glued to TV screens watching the London
2012 Olympic Games. Worldwide interest on this event is so strong
that cyber criminals were quick to take advantage of this
opportunity and launched multiple campaigns promoting alleged paid
online TV programming that would allow users to see live broadcasts
of the Olympic Games via the Internet. Several fake pages were
found with titles such as:

Best way to
watch London 2012 Olympics online live stream HD

London 2012
Live Streaming

For this scam, cybercriminals create websites that are very
appealing; some even look very professional that they make it seem
that you are close to having access to live programming. At the
instance you click on the link provided, you are redirected through
a series of affiliate pages until finally the victim sees a site
where they can make a payment of US$49.95
to start streaming live video of the Olympic Games:

From July 22-30, Kaspersky
Lab registered more than 80
malicious domains
using this same fraud scheme.

Following are the statistics of some of these fraudulent domains
involved in the campaign afore mentioned:

Total number of clicks
redirected to fraudulent Olympic programming sites: 38,303.

Victims stem from 100 different countries. The
greatest numbers of victims live in Indonesia and the United

The campaign continues to
be very active as on August 1st, when I wrote this
post, there were 9,447 clicks,
which correspond to almost the same number of potential victims.

Supposing that from all of
the potential victims only 1%
go through with the payment
for the fraudulent TV programming, cybercriminals
would make close to US$19,000 in profits. The actual
figure may be higher.

A way that consumers can protect themselves from becoming a victim
of these types of online scams is by learning about social
engineering so they can recognize it and avoid falling into these
traps. Also, the public should only visit official websites,
such as,
and the sites of established news organizations they know well and
have been using for some time.

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